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Alpengluehn LED Controller

The Alpengluehn Controller Board

The Alpengluehn Controller can drive up to 16 independent PWM-controlled High Power LED Channels.



  • drive 16 High Power LEDs @ 350mA or 750mA
  • Voltage input 8-25 DC
  • 10 Mbit/s Ethernet
  • DMX-512 Input/Output (MAX485)
  • plenty of computing power for nice effects and animations
  • designed for cheap notebook power supplies (huge buffer capacitors)
  • produces accurate colors with 12-bit PWM and using the Stevens’ power law


the board has been designed for Ethersex which provides the following features

  • Telnet Interface
  • DMX Webinterface (http)
  • Artnet Input/Output
  • DMX Output (Input not yet implemented)
  • much much more…

Let’s get started

You need the following parts (I will only post the links for the hard-to-find parts)

  • 1 x ATmega 644/P DIL-40
  • 1 x ENC28J60 DIL
  • 1 x NXP PCA9685 - these are pretty hard to find only Digikey and other big players ship them. I still have some lying around, contact me if you want some (around 3€ each)
  • 1 x breakout board TSSOP-28 to DIP-28 (I also have some of these)
  • 1 x TRJ0011BANL Pollin
  • 2 x MC34063
  • 16 x modded PT4115 constant current supplies Dealextreme 350mA 750mA How to mod the supplies (YouTube)

Complete List

You can download the schematics and GERBER files from my GitHub repository. The schematics are BY-NC-SA. If you want to use this project (really??) commercially, please contact me!


Front of the PCB

Since the whole design is single layer you have to pay attention to a few things:

Use a breakout board (TSSOP-28 to DIP-28) and some bare wire to connect the PCA9685 from the top layer to the bottom layer:

NXP PCA9685 mounted on the PCB

You need to bridge 6 holes with bare wire (red) - click to enlarge the image:


Tip for up to 12 Channels: If you want to be able to disconnect your LEDs from the controller, simply buy an ATX extension cable and cut it in half, then solder one side to the LEDs and one to the controller.

My custom ATX LED connector The Alpengluehn Controller working inside an IKEA 2x2 EXPEDIT